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WIDM Web Dynamic Duo

Mathematician/Programmer/Architect & Security Consultant/Network Engineering Technician Combine For Over 20 Years Of Web Application & Website Development With Server & Networking Experience - Dozens Of References

Π Object Oriented Programming - Web Open Source Programming Solutions In PHP, Perl, Java, JavaScript
Π Network Hardware - Setup Of Web, Email & Database Servers, Routers, Switches, Modems, Hubs
Π Web Hosting - Virtual Hosting Gives You Everything You Need Like Site Management, Emails, Databases, FTP, SSL, Subdomains
Π Web Site Solutions - Easy To Manage Sites Which Use the LAMP Stack, Frames, CMS Systems, MVC Architecture, Zend Cart
Π Content Management Systems - Ecommerce Systems, Joomla, VirtuMart, Magento, Drupal Which Can Use PayPal Or Go Ala Carte
Π Marketing Campaigns - Low Cost Marketing Using Email, Newsletters, Webbots, Promotional CDs Include Marketing Metrics, Analytics
Π Web Design - Design Templates, Patterns, Layouts Or Custom Design Using XHTML, HTML, CSS
Π Flash Multimedia - Flash Templates, Audio, Flash Navigational Systems, Flash Logins, Flash Forms With ActionScript
Π PHP Libraries - Extensions Of Existing PHP Modules From Zend Cart, JQuery, JSON, Ajax, SOAP
Π Database - Open Source Database Solutions MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, XML Datasets, Custom Admin Systems
Π Specialized Programming - Cloud Computing, Distributed Processing, Complex Math Algorithms, Iterative & Recursive Functions
Π Web Architecture - Design Plans, Flow Charts, Use Case Analysis, Object Modeling, Prototyping, Process Engineering

The Dynamic Duo combining networking, computer hardware, web architecture, mathematics and programming also has an associated team of content producers including writers, designers, artists and technical consultants with project managers, web security experts and database experts.

Call: Erik @ 206 200-1102 Email:

Seattle, WA

206 200-1102