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PHP/MySQL Crawler & Bot Programmer

I Design Webbots: Data Collection, Link & Email Building, Image Fetching & Statistical Data

I have over 10 years experience with web development, graphics and programming. My primary skill set is PHP, MySQL and CSS. I would like to advertise my services for a very targetted clientelle and that is people looking for automated or guided data fetching using webbots or crawlers.

Requirements: PHP 4.4, MySQL and cURL. I can customize your PHP and web server to enable whatever is necessary to make your crawler function 100% the way you envision it. I will be using a library of functions and other tools to suit my design style for my upcoming projects, so allow me to list the sort of jobs I am looking for.

*Data collection for your web site, non-copyrighted material is recommended
*Link harvesting
*Email harvesting
*Crawlering media gallerys for images or videos

I will not code general search engines that have limitless amounts of data or requires
super servers or anything in that manner as I do not have the means to do so.

I have successfully crawled cheat code web sites, food and drink recipes, jokes web sites, automobile information sites, wikipedia sites, image galleries, blogs, RSS/XML feeds and more. I can retrieve just about any kind of data for you and I can do it while being 100% undetectable. I will not crawl or scan copyrighted material without permission from the owner, however to enable privacy and security for my clients, my webbots will only appear as Internet Explorer or Googlebot to the sites to be crawled as the client's IP address and web server information will be cloaked.

My project budget is from $500 to $10,000

I will not accept any projects smaller than $500. Not that I won't do small or easy projects, but with the demand out there for webbots I cannot accept projects for under $500 at the time being unless negotiated and providing I meet my hourly wage requirements and my project load is at a minimal for that day.


Save yourself the time and money from daunting tasks of neverending data entry. Using a cheat code web site as my sample, let me tell you what I can do. Depending on how much you're willing to spend, I can simply develop a script that you click a button and it'll go through the site grabbing all of the cheat codes from the web site for each video game system you want. This is a simple script and would take less than 1 day to develop. You could run the script yourself or have me setup a cronjob to run the tasks daily.

This is a bottom of the line project. I can design a more complex system that archives everything crawled and creates a lot through the whole process. The script can be done by a click of a button or automated as well. It can do an initial crawl and grab all of the data the first day. From that point on the script will then only do updates. A simple crawler will recrawl everything. A more complex script will scan all the pages looking for changes only, grabbing only new or updated content. You can crawl the entire site at once or have it setup to crawl one videogame console at a time. I can scan by alphabetical links or any other indexing format available.

The benefit of only loading updates will take a lot quicker, less strain on both party's servers and generate less page hits. This is the more expensive, but more effecient option.

I can also develop scripts that harvest RSS feeds into your database. These scripts can run every minute and grab updates from Google News, MSN or any source you choose.

I save you time and money. I can also enrich your site with more content than your competitor's. Depending on what you want and how much you pay.

I design crawlers and webbots only. I will not do any backend or frontend work for developing web sites or control panels. However, if your crawler or webbot requires a control panel, I can design or implement this work for you. I will not develop a CMS on it's own though. If you're looking for a large enough project, I will do other work other than webbots as long as it's developed to maintain the data collected from your webbot. Control panels with multiple spiders/bots will start out at a minimum of $1200 unless the job is extremely simple, in which I recommend going elsewhere.

I am only looking for clients looking for a completely, customized solution for their web sites. I am looking for people that will hire me for the development and routine maintanence work. I can be paid on a project basis or contracted out for a weekly term. Payments must be made once a week. I require a 50% down payment on all projects in advance and as long as this is met, I can work on your web server and provide you with access to your script at all times. If a payment is not made on time, any work or updates made while a payment is owed will be developed on my own private web server until everything has been paid for.

You can email me at phpbots[-at-]

I will not respond to private messages on a daily basis. I can recommend contacting me on email or facebook if you're looking for a quick response. A phone number to call me and discuss the work of the project will only be provided after your first down payment is made.

1547 Stark Ave NW
Grand Rapids, MI, 49534