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PHP Web Application Development

What we do?

* User-centered product design
* Build engaging and interactive web applications
* Complete software development lifecycle management
* Holistic application testing
* Drive ROI and predictability to our clients

How we do it?

:: User-Centered Product Design

We follow many of the principles outlined by the father of Visual Basic, Alan Cooper. First, we work with our clients to develop their business model, including baseline demographics, psychometrics and competitive analysis. Based on that information we develop key customer personas that help to inform and drive the product design and development phases.

:: Engaging & Interactive Technologies

We leverage our vast skills in HTML,CSS and Ajax to build engaging and dynamic websites. Our preferred method of JavaScript programming is by relying on existing, feature-rich frameworks like jQuery and EXT.

:: Strong Backend Architecture

We build scalable web-based applications using a combination of PHP frameworks, custom-built architectures, service-based architectures including REST and SOAP and scale the applications using technologies like Memcached.

:: Expert Database Knowledge

We rely on our extensive SQL experience to architect scalable platforms. This includes concepts like data sharding, replication, clustering and database normalization. We further scale the application by optimizing queries for proper and effective index usage.

:: Thorough Testing

Our design and programming is built with testing in mind. We leverage a test-driven model, especially when working within service-based architectures. Our tools include the Cruise Control continuous integration server, Selenium IDE & RC, PHPUnit and SimpleTest. When following an Agile SDLC, we employ user story defect suites for tracking test script failures.

:: A Commitment to Customer Service

During the entire lifecycle of your project, we place the highest priority on effective communication. Our mission is to primarily be known as a customer service organization. We believe that the proper alignment of our priorities will better serve the interests of our clients and our long-term growth strategy.

La Crosse, WI, 54601